The general role of IRIDA Labs during ZELD-e is its partial contribution to the overall coordination of the activity and its full contribution to the development of the overall system’s architecture (2021 to 2022). Its role at a technical level during 2021 is the development of all the systems aspects which are related to the process monitoring. In more detail, these include the Edge System (sensors and modules) and the data analytics, and processing tools in the Web Platform which will also be the key 2021 IPs for IRIDA Labs. In addition, during 2022 IRIDA Labs will handle any tasks related to the connection of the existing monitoring pipeline’s elements (2021) with the control modules and functions (Control Agent, Long-Term Optimization module, Certification module). IRIDA Labs will be benefiting from this activity by adding new products to its portfolio regarding standalone noninvasive (thermal, vision) monitoring solutions at the edge and by partially exploiting the corresponding aspects of the ZELD-e system in the market from 2021 and beyond.