The role of COMAU during ZELD-e is multifold. From a product perspective, COMAU will provide the general requirements and guidelines for the system based on their deep market knowledge and perform the overall system integration and validation (complete turnkey solution) for electromobility across the project’s lifespan (2021 to 2022). At a technical level during 2021, COMAU will handle a part of the experiments’ design and perform the actual experiments in order to enable the development of the Quality Assessment modules. In 2022, COMAU will be the main partner for developing the laser welding control algorithms (Control Agent) and perform the required experiments. COMAU will benefit from the ZELD-e activity by offering a complete turnkey solution for e-car batteries welding, exploiting the full system in the market, acting as the main business owner across the project lifespan. The main IP of COMAU will be on the process knowledge and integration of the complete system during 2021, while during 2022 the control aspects of the systems will be added to the IP.